Will my app automatically update itself or do I need to do something?

If your device is set to receive automatic app updates then when the app is updated you will not need to do anything. If the device is not set up to receive updates automatically then visit the relevant app store to see if an update is available.

We don’t have work phones/my work phone will not allow me to download the app?

The app content can be displayed through this link www.myguideapps.com/nhs_safeguarding on a normal desktop. Alternatively you may choose to download the app to your personal phone.

I have noticed an error or missing link in the app, how do we get this corrected?

Please email england.safeguarding@nhs.net and the information will be corrected in the next update of the app content.

I have a suggestion for an addition or change to the content, how do I suggest this?

Please email england.safeguarding@nhs.net and the suggestion will be reviewed by a panel of safeguarding leads for consideration on inclusion on the app.