Staff guide

Whilst we recognise that mental health and well-being, and problematic drug and alcohol use in staff are not in the purest sense within the safeguarding agenda, it was felt helpful to include these resources to highlight support to staff who will be using the app to safeguarding patients.

Safeguarding a member of the public

We recognise that our vigilance towards identifying and protecting those at risk does not end when shifts finish and that NHS employees may see in their own communities adults at risk or children that they are worried about. If the concern relates to immediate harm to a child or an adult at risk, it may be necessary to call emergency services.

If the concern is less clear or less urgent, the local authority where the person is ordinarily resident can be contacted. Their website will have information about reporting concerns, including those about human trafficking, modern slavery and honour based violence such as forced marriage.

Contacts & Resources

The concern should then be sensitively explored by an appropriate professional. If the person at risk is an adult, their views should be sought (using advocacy if required).